(Amsterdam, 1944 - Leipzing, 2016)

Prof. Robert Roe died on Monday (February 22, 2016) in Leipzig. He was one of the initiators of ENOP and he played a very significant role in it especially during the first two decades of its existence. He leaded the works of the task force installed to develop the ENOP REFERENCE MODEL for the Education of W&O Psychologists in Europe. He was one of the most active and significant members in many activities of the Network. He largely contributed many times to the ENOP annual symposia and to the different programs and activities of ENOP (e.g. summer schools, the organization of workshops and the promotion of international research projects). He also was heavily involved in promoting cooperation between the researchers from Eastern and Western Europe. In fact his work to create links and cooperation between W&O Psychologists from this regions has been highly successful. Robert was one of the initiators of the biannual Congresses in Work and Organizational Psychology and during decades he contributed to converting it in the European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology. He also played an important role in the foundation of the EAWOP and was elected as its first President. He was also one of the leading members in the development of the European Certificate of Psychology (Europsy) and more recently as President of EFPA has promoted Psychology at the European level and has made it more present for policy makers.

Robert was always ready to support others and to engage in projects to promote Psychology stimulating and inspiring the work of psychologists for the benefit of the society. He built very fruitful and enriching links and bridges across many borders (country, culture, disciplines, etc.) and he played an instrumental role in the development of the Psychological institutions and organizations. He was always willing to share his wisdom and his sense of humour. He will be remembered by all of us for his contributions to psychology but also because of his supportive attitude and friendship.

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