0. Preface

The European Network of Organizational and Work Psychologists (ENOP) is a network of university professors in work and organizational psychology. It was established in 1980 and currently includes around 40 professors from 20 European countries. The network has organized a wide range of scientific and educational activities, including comparative research programmes, conferences and workshops, student and teacher exchange programmes, summer schools etc. Members of ENOP are editors of European journals, such as the European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology and the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, and of several books. ENOP is facilitated by a small administrative support structure and modes but critical programme support provided by the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. Supplementary support for programme activities are sought and obtained from different sources, including the European Union.

During the 1990's ENOP has developed a model of the curriculum for the training of work and organizational psychologists in Europe. Initially these efforts have concentrated on the clarification of the state of affairs concerning the training in the various countries of Europe and at the development of a common frame of reference model that would facilitate the comparison of curricula and the design of more harmonized curricula. The first so-called 'Reference Model' was discussed in ENOP at its Symposium on February 25-27, 1993, and in a special session at the 6th European Congress of Work & Organizational Psychology (Alicante, April 14-17, 1993). Further comments were solicited from associations and interest groups in the various countries of Europe, as well as from readers of 'The European Work and Organizational Psychologist'. A revised model, established at the ENOP Symposium of March 10-12, 1994, served as a basis for a survey of the actual situation with regard to the teaching of W&O psychology in Europe. This survey, conducted in the fall of 1994 has revealed which parts of the model were (and were not) present in the curricula of the various European universities, and has thereby identified the common core of W&O psychology as well as the variations across the curricula of the different universities.

The present document represents an important step forward in the process of harmonizing the teaching of W&O psychology in Europe. It defines a standard for the basic training in W&O psychology, that is to say the minimum requirements that curricula should meet in order to be considered as providing the necessary academic preparation for professional work and research in W&O psychology. The standard laid down in this document can be used in a number of ways, the main of which is the evaluation of existing curricula with the purpose of modifying them as to incorporate the necessary common core. The experiences ENOP will gather in this process and the resulting effects on the academic curricula are expected to be of importance for developments in related domains, including the development of educational standards for European psychology as a whole and a system for the accreditation of European work& organizational psychologists.

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